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Metal distortion

double tone circuit

CHAPTER 1 : Who do you think you are ?
You can disagree, but to my point of view METAL was born with Deep Purple LP “Who do we think we are”. Never before –hey, another hit– I have heard such a music description of what was the trend in 1973, gothic. The climax of this beloved fashion was the “Dracula ’73” movie , featuring a vampire rock group in a not-anymore-swinging London middle class party. Just imagine what can do the “Rat Bat Blue” riff to young teenage ears, more used to wishy-washy middle-of-the-road then joyfully broadcast in every bell-bottoms pants joint.

CHAPTER 2 : From Muff to Zone
Apparently, I was not the only one to love this tone and that could not afford modded Marshall Major stacks. So my fellows pedal builders seized their soldering irons and came up with gems still in use today, with fortitude. The last, but certainly not least, the metal zone , seemed to close the debate with an ultimate ultra-heavy tone that instantly makes you serious matter for the small town girl attending your rehearsal gig.

MGMT Andrew VanWyngarden and his BatFuzz


CHAPTER 3 : Enter Frogman
All this money , what do you think? Thus came the nu metal band , so uniformized they even their mothers had problems sorting them. They try everything to get exposure : make ups–that was not new—, silly names , masks, stupid monikers, ugly +++ haircuts, no hair, dirty shirts, no shirts (some even had ALL this together in one band ! )etc.. everything but TALENT and TONE. And just when you get hints to recognize them , they just disappear without any trace.Then a hot newcomer takes its place, and so on.
Don’t you think it’s time ( PUT THE NAME OF YOUR BAND HERE ) changes this for good ?

CHAPTER 4 : Back in Jacques
This is where I put the fun back into it. Do you remember the joyful hours spent with your new first fuzz pedal ? All the excitement is back , thanks to the wonderful BATFUZZ. We stuffed the pedal with every tone you can expect to become a metal star.
Technically speaking , here is how we made this possible.

First circuit is modelled on classic ’70s metal distortion modded Marshall amps type. This circuit is only adjustable with the LEVEL and FUZZ knobs.
Second circuit is an extended ultra high-gain modern distortion , with adjustable low end — WINGS –, mid boost — FANGS– and treble bite — RADAR. This dangerous circuit shares with the ’70s the LEVEL and FUZZ knobs.
-An unique MIX knob let you MIX & MORPH the 2 circuits for an incredible array of tones from past to future metal.


All the secrets of a good metal tone lies in precise equalization. This is why the 3 actives controls are fully effective in ALL positions, thus allowing a perfect taylored tone with any guitar/amp couple

Neil Taylor BatFuzz he used in ‘Rock DJ’


CHAPTER 5 : Tinitus
Here are the settings used in the soundclips page :

Ok, maybe she’s in her forties now, but it’s not too late to impress the girl next door.


This preset makes you save $1500 and the drag to tune an extra string.


This preset makes you save $100 and a pedal space on your rack.


This preset makes you save $50 and 2 hours at a romantic restaurant.


Even your best friends won’t recognize you with that ugly haircut, tattooes and piercing–unless you put your glasses back on.


“Ich glotz TV!!!” —Nina Hagen first LP tone


This only because it’s too loud and will destroy your hearing. Nothing to do with “Elisa”.Really.


Yes, this preset is yours .You can write your own settings directly on your computer screen, or carve it with a strong knife.

Here is a video presenting the Batfuzz !

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