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signature distortion

Usually, there is a chinese wall between boutique pedals makers and mass stompbox producers. A constant war featuring superior taylored tone versus bells-and-whistles for lower bucks . But there is no such an ostracism on the guitarist pedal board where point-to-point lives in peace and harmony with machine soldered.
Looking back in History, it is obvious that this boundary is quite fuzzy, if I may say so. Certain industrially manufactured boxes where so well engineered from the start that they have achieved vintage star status and now serve as blueprints for boutique designs. It is worth noting that ,like many artists, this took place after their market life.
I have overloaded my time capacities for personnal hand made pedals, and, while I will always offer my beloved point-to-point handwriten beauties, launching an industrial line of pedals is the only way to solve this problem and touch more stompbox aficionados all around the world: most original Fuse Blower or Mercer owners have become email friends as it seems we share a clear vision of what distortion should be.

1 – Three Fuse Blowers in 1 compact pedal

Further than its distinctive own growl, The FUSE BLOWER II ‘s three distortion engines allow any classic vintage distortion tones as well as modern “shredding” solo sounds.  Versatility and personality can at least live in peace in a compact pedal. Each EQ knob is a FUSEBLOWER voiced differently:

This 3 different distortions can be set independently one from each other, thus allowing any tailored combination. Yes, you will spend more time finding your own signature tone but now with the fb2 will eventually let you perform distortion sculpting as an art form as opposed to factory presets. Be unique.

2 – Dynamics and reactivity

A distortion pedal must follow the guitar signal , in order to react to the guitarist playing shades. A simple test is to lower the guitar volume and observe if the distortion amount decrease accordingly. The FUSE BLOWER II excels in preserving the original tone of the guitar pick-ups as well as the sound of the amplifier it is plugged in, unlike many effects which  give the same tone on any gear.

3 – Analog technology and noise ratio

Using old time analog technology ,The FUSE BLOWER II insures nevertheless a noise ratio compatible with modern digital recording, giving electric guitar takes the authenticity they badly need.

J.Mascis about the FB2 :
‘Hi Jacques I have been using the fuseblower in front of my early 70’s big muff when I want to punch things into total fuzz.
I have all knobs all the way up and use it while the big muff is also on.  It cuts through so I can play solos with maximum fuzz.
Nice work J’

4 – Road test

Before public marketing, the FUSE BLOWER II has been tested on tour by European professional guitarists, already users of JACQUES STOMPBOXES hand-made FUSE BLOWER, under special no-mercy stage abuses. The optimal results allow a 3 year no-questions-asked  10 days replacement warranty .
Stay tuned and thanks again to all of you who have made all this possible.

5 – Audio demo
Here are the settings used in the soundclips page :

Phone BBC to know if they still broadcast live shows featuring rockstars on exotic drugs. Buy your sidemen oversized afro wigs. During the show, never close your mouth and do not open your eyes unless there is danger of physical damage to the audience.For  hero status, thumb your low E string and tooth your B string.


Well, it is always useful to get this boogie tone in case too many empty beer bottles are flying by your nose. Maybe your rendition of  beautiful Chopin preludes was not what these overweight cowboys had in mind after a hard day at work. Do not be stubborn and start “Sweet home Chicago” right away.


A border-sexed wriggling lippy singer is trying to steal your thunder? No sweat. Dial in this classic tone and hit five strings major power chords boldly. Focus on the drunk groupies waiting in your private jet for better angst.


It is time or never to free all these tapping chops you have been hiding in your closet for years. This wailing sustain gives you the gut to affront the guitar intelligentsia mockery with foolish pride. Anyway,when you are at the restaurant with your favorite guitar hero, choose tofu steak over fatty burgers to maximize your credibility.


Search your friends’ attics for non-working tranny amps and rotten Korean axes in order to perform economic amp bashing . Buy blank score sheets to make believe you are writing a rock opera. Try to find a healthy enough singer to last until he can get casted in a wacky sci-fi TV show. Contract tinitus in the process.

6 – Video demo


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