Electric Lamb


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1-Edge overdrive

The new Electric Lamb pedal is a spin-off the award-winning Electric Sheep overdrive. It can be qualified as an ‘edge overdrive’ which means that the pedal can be set on an ‘edge’ position where dynamics of your guitar playing will determine the amount of overdrive.

On this setting, playing lightly will keep a chosen clean tone and hitting the strings with more force will allow the natural tube-like overdrive to be expressed.

On stage, this setting is really useful as, once the pedal is set on your required ‘edge’ position, you do not need to come back on the controls, letting you select the type of tone you need only with your fingers and playing dynamics.

2-Full adaptivity

Thanks to its complete controls, the Electric Lamb will suit any guitar, amp or guitar-amp combo or pick-up combination. Its FAT control is particulary useful to beef-up a trebly pick-up or at the opposite, thin a low-end humbucker. Therefore, the ‘edge’ function will always be available for any kind of electric guitar.


3-Going farther

At both side of the gain spectrum, the Electric Lamb can be used as a fully effective clean boost, still with fatness at hand, or as a high-gain overdrive thanks to its PRE control which add more gain just as a preamp control on a tube amp.

All these settings can be achieved with natural premium tonal qualities that can compete with any high-end boost or overdrive pedal thanks to the original circuit derived from the Electric Sheep.


4-Not a clone

Unlike most of today pedals on the market, the Electric Lamb circuit is not a clone of ANY existing pedal and as been developed after years of listening and experimenting on overdrive pedal circuitry.

Even our Silent true-bypass switching is a proprietary design of Jacques pedals.

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