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1 – My observations on the leslie effect


My first instrument was the organ. This vocation came mostly because of Jon Lord’s skills on Deep Purple LPs that gave this old instrument a real rock status and a complete new tone fitted for the music I loved — and still love. Of course I could not afford an Hammond organ and the real Leslie cabinet to go along, but I could play on Italian wanabes like the one on the picture. I joined then the Yamaha organ school and switched to Yamaha organs which were very good instruments and their own rotating cabinet really impressed me. When describing this incredible rotating sound, one thing came to my mind : it was clear that I could hear something different on the treble frequencies than on the bass side : in fact, the system was completely different on both side. While treble went though a real rotating speaker, the rest was sent to a regular speaker which had a rotating baffle in front of it. This simple idea gave birth some years after to my Spin Acher pedal.

2 – Double trem and beefy preamp

My first leslie pedal, The Spin Acher was based on this simple idea : If I cut the musical instrument audible band in two and send each half to a different tremolo while keeping the tube-like boost of a leslie amp , I could be close from the real thing . And this was true . Of course, no Doppler effect here , but this two trem tone going at the same time really made the trick in mono, which has always seemed to me a much better solution for the working musician. So 10 years after the 1st release of the Spin Acher I had to come out with an ultimate factory version of one of my fave pedal ever.

3 – The ultimate version

Here are all what you will find in the KASHMIR pedal :

  • Common settings SYNC ON or OFF
  • LEVEL : The level on the KASHMIR has been conceived to allow you not only to set the overall volume but also to boost the effect signal in order to slightly overdrive your amp just like a tube leslie cabinet
  • WAVE : You can choose from square wave to get a chopped extreme tone or sine wave for a smooth effect
  • SYNC ON : With the SYNC switch set on ON, the KASHMIR will behave like an usual tremolo pedal.
    Set the speed of the effect with RATE 1 and the emphasis with the DEEP pot.
    You now have the choice between two different effects : TREM for classic Fender amps tremolo or ROTATE for a unique Univibe tone with the TREM/ROTATE switch at hand.
    Remember to use the LEVEL to give strengh of your effect and the WAVE switch to give it the flavor you want
    Directly inherited from my handmade SPIN ACHER pedal, the KASHMIR relies on a simple idea to mime a leslie effect :
    Treble and bass frequencies have their own settings now, just like a leslie cab has a two way system.
    You can now set different rates on treble and bass frequencies for a dramatic 3D effect while performed in mono.
    Best leslie effect will be achieved with SYNC OFF , ROTATE ON, WAVE on square and different RATE value for the 2 bands.
    You can model your own cabinet with both rate settings and adjusting depth and volume.

4 – Jacques SI.RE.T. switching system

This new pedal comes stock with my new SI.RE.T. switching system (SIlent RElay True-by-pass) which is the switch any pedal user has always dreamt of : Real True By-Pass switch AND 100% quiet switching.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

5 – Audio/Video demo

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